Governing Values

Governing Values

We, the Board of Directors, are committed and endeavor to make the executive management and staff committed in their behavior, stands and attitudes in the provision of services, to values we deem necessary to achieve our goals. We will exert efforts to periodically develop these values and ensure they are respected upon recruitment of staff in WATC. We, the Board of Directors, comply with the values in the frameworks of our work:
 Partnership and Participation: We will endeavor to promote broad participation of women and institutions in our policies and programs and expand our feedback mechanism for every aspect of our work.
 National Legacy and Struggle: We endeavor to highlight the role of Palestinian female activists at all social, economic and political levels.
 Creativity and critical thinking: We believe that boosting creativity and critical thinking is key to development and distinction at work. We will endeavor creatively toward sociocultural change and promote positive values in the society.
 Volunteerism: We believe that volunteer work is the distinctive feature of Palestinian civil action. We will work on recharging volunteerism without being limited to the role of the Board of Directors.
 Human Rights: We believe that equality is a natural right to all segments of the society. It is a perquisite to all members of WATC. It is not possible to negotiate over rights or partition them.
 Integrity: We believe that civil society organizations and states will not be able to achieve their noble goals without observing full integrity. To WATC, integrity involves transparency, accountability and liability.

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