Vision & Mission Statement

Vision & Mission Statement

“A democratic free Palestinian society that ensures plurality, social justice and equality between women and men”

Mission Statement
“We endeavor to build women’s framework and mobilize their energies to advocate for the rights of Palestinian women and monitor commitment with such rights in a manner consistent with national references and international covenants”

As grassroots organizations affiliated with WATC, we will join efforts to mobilize the public and our relations to achieve socio-political influence and realize all political, civil, social, economic and cultural rights as well as women’s rights in armed conflicts and natural disasters under occupation. Our approach is to empower women’s framework at all scholar and intellectual levels and coordinate efforts to achieve binding national legislation consistent with international covenants and agreements, mainly the Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). We will also empower these agencies to stand by women claiming their rights and pressure and monitor stakeholders with obligations to ensure they perform their duties.

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